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About This Agency

A Web Designer, Website Developer, and an Online Marketing Consultant in Victoria, all sat around a table one day to discuss personal ideas about the most effective way to build a brand. Words like authenticity, consistency, and commitment were thrown about wildly, and after everything was said and done they realized that something incredible had happened.

They were all in agreement.

There is a recipe for success followed by all the top brands in the world. So why doesn't everyone do the same thing? Either people are unaware of the recipe, or they are having a hard time finding the people to execute it.

The sea of noise created by advertising today, makes it seem like a new big idea is being shouted out each day to drown out the last big idea. Email marketing! Link building! Guerilla handbills! But that is not success. That is noise. Successful brands communicate effectively by controlling the message, and acting in harmony with their message.

The Band Agency was formed by bringing the efforts of independent web design professionals and online marketing gurus under one roof, to create a consistent and harmonious tone.

It's like music to the ears of today's consumer.

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